Northern Michigan Equine Therapy -

 Arena Lighting Upgrades & Renovations Project - Summer 2014


During March 2014 Courtney Angell Sumpter, OTR/L & Founder of Northern Michigan Equine Therapy (NMET) provided the Baiardi Foundation with NMET's "2014 Project Goal List."

Several "high priority" projects were identified including upgrading & renovating NMET's aging arena lighting system along with associated electrical system upgrades. During the summer of 2014 the Baiardi Family Foundation provided NMET funding to complete the installation of new arena lighting.

"We're pleased to provide support to improve the future of Northern Michigan Equine Therapy and its good work."

-Chris Baiardi
Baiardi Family Foundation

nmet_ltg-2 nmet_ltg-3

Northern Michigan Equine Therapy -
 Courtney Angell Sumpter, OTR/L
 5025 Church Road,
 Boyne City, MI 49712

 * Photos courtesy of NMET

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