- Blum's Landing Guest Cabin -

Several years ago we discovered Blum's Landing at a local fund raising event.

The Blumberg's have created their bed and breakfast retreat in support of military personnel and their families in memory of their son Sgt. Trevor A. Blumberg.

We encourage you to visit the Blum's Landing website to read about Trevor, his family, the Blum's Landing concept, and the inspiration behind it and its creation.

In keeping with The Baiardi Family Foundation's commitment to Veterans we were pleased to join Blum's Landing founders Terry & Jan Blumberg in helping to complete, furnish and outfit the new guest cabin at their bed & breakfast retreat.

image_blums_01 image_blums_02

* Baiardi Family Foundation granted $20,000 for the Guest Cabin At Blum's Landing.

image_blums_04 image_blums_03

"It's a privilege to provide grant funds honoring Sgt. Trevor A. Blumberg
and in support of the Blumberg's mission at Blum's Landing"

-- Chris Baiardi, President
Baiardi Family Foundation

 * Photos courtesy of Blums Landing

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